What is Ddhoni?

Ddhoni-Chitra Ltd. is a professional Creative and Technical Production House in the arena of Audio-Visual media in Bangladesh. Today, Ddhoni-Chitra is well equipped with audio-visual production and postproduction backup facilities such as Editing, Camera, Animation and Sound recording. The company was formed with the aim to provide quality service through a combination of its technical expertise and creative talent. Ddhoni-Chitra is a sister concern of ASIATIC MCL, the leading communication company in Bangladesh.

What does Ddhoni do?

For 12 years now, Ddhoni-Chitra has gained experience in the field of audio-visual production. We have made it our mission to provide a superior standard of content quality and service to our partners which meet international broadcast standards. We provide high quality audio-visual production with modern technical facilities and creative support. We also offer full professional and technical support to interested parties and individuals for production of film, drama, commercials, musical programs, reality shows, documentaries, magazine programs, etc.

All this and at competitive prizes, for we also make it our business to be well aware of market rates and provide the best of them to our clients.

Who runs Ddhoni?

Aly Zaker, Chairman of the Asiatic Group, is one of the most celebrated media personalities of Bangladesh. Much before he started to work for the Stage and the Audio Visual media, Zaker started his career in Advertising in the late sixties. He saw to the growth of advertising industry and related discipline ( Events Management , Market Research , Post Production house, Media buying Agencies and PR Agency ) and in the process envisioned and established a 3 sixty group of companies of Communication.

During the nine months of Liberation Zaker's was a strong voice on Shadhin Bangla Betar Kendra .His stage career started in the immediate post liberation years . He led the movement to establish the stage as a regular medium of Art. Corollary to stage, Aly Zaker has acted in more than 170 television plays and serials in last forty years. Parallel cinema has also been his area of creative venture. To name a few of his classics on stage, "Macbeth " , "Nur Al Deen er Shara Jeebon" , "Galileo" and "Tempest" ."Bohubreehee" and "Aaj Robibar" on television in the early nineties are still etched in the minds of the viewers . Over last 15 years, Aly Zaker has hosted his own talk shows on Ekushey TV, and Channel-i. Notable being "Shorashoree" and "Aloi Bhubon Bhora"

Among other prestigious awards such as Lifetime Achievement Award for contribution , his contribution to stage has won him the honor of Ekushey Padak in 1999.

Sara Zaker, is the managing director of Ddhoni Chitra Ltd. Her interest in the medium of Art started with her active participation as a regular performer for the stage from the early seventies. Some of her pioneering feet on Stage are Bertolt Brecht's , "Good Woman of Setzuan Irshaa and "Dewan Gazeer Kissa" An actor of that generation, she has had over a thousand appearances on stage and many notable performances on television. She has been active on the stage since 1973, precisely the year that stage theatre was introduced in Bangladesh as a regular medium of performing art.

Ever since she took over Ddhoni Chitra Ltd, she chose a niche to project the production company . She conceptualized and pioneered the concept of placing cook shows as form of art and instruction in the country. Her first cook show, hosted by Professor Siddiqua Kabir hit the bulls eye. It saw to an unprecedented popularity, placing the show it as the flagship program of the NTV occupying a prime time slot. She also conceptualized two consecutive cook show, one "Khunti Korai" for Tara Bangla and "R- Ranna" for RTV . Again both placed in the prime time slot.

Probably her enter educational flair came from her roots in Social communication in Asiatic JWT (a member of the board and deputy managing director) -- where combining Art with Education is the hallmark in all social messages --- whether it be Public Health , Education for All or Violence Against Women. In all these topics the challenge is to place the messages in soap opera format with star cast , cliff hangers et al. Some of the pioneering drama serial of this nature produced by Zaker are "Shobuj Shathi" , " Ei megh Ei Riudro" , "Rangdhanu" , "Gari Cholena" etc.

The last feather on her cap was winning the honor of co producing Sisimpur in Bangladesh (as Project Head) with Sesame Workshop of New York. Currently she hosts a counseling talk show , even though placed at midnight in a popular channel has gained enormous popularity as it provides viewers a platform to talk about the darkest issues .

Ratan Kumar Paul, Executive Director of Ddhoni Chitra Ltd. Ratan Paul is a skilled producer, script writer, sound engineer, editor and still photographer. In addition to his work as the Executive Producer of Sisimpur, Paul has written scripts for many well-known television drama series including the award-winning Sai Bhubone, as well as Pita Mata Putra o Moumita, Is equal to , Bono phuler ghraan and Sokina Bibi. Most of his plays are directed by the renowned film maker Amitabh Reza .

He worked as Sound Engineer on Matir Moina – a 2002 Cannes Film Festival award-winner and winner of FIPRESCI International Critics' Prize for Best Film. He has also worked on many Bangladeshi films which have received national and international awards such as- Chaka, Chitra Nadir Pare, Lal Shalu etc. He received national award in 2001 for designing sound for Lal Shalu. Paul studied at the renowned FTTI in Pune, India, and received a degree in Cinema, with a specialty in Sound Engineering. He also works as a AV consultant for many of the auditoriums in the country because of his skill and talent in the field of sound-engineering.

Contact Us

Contact person: Kamrul Hasan
Address: 17 Gaus Nagar, New Eskaton, Dhaka-1000
Phone : 880 2 9346104
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